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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

End of the Year Letter.....

All Our Family and Friends,

     2012 was a very blessed year. We had quite a few trials and tribulations thrown our way, but through the storms I kept reminding myself of how incredibly blessed we really are.

    Aaron started kindergarten this year and is now 6 years old. I am pretty proud of my little guy. He is so academically smart. Loves to problem solve, talk about science, and has developed quite the artistic side. He is such a sweet loving boy. I know I am a little biased, but he truly has a huge heart for those around him. Always concerned about kids who are sick or hurt. He has become quite the ladies man this year. His best friends are mostly girls and he has become quite smitten by a little girl in his class. Aaron lost his first two teeth, drove a 4-wheeler for the first time, and shot his first gun all in one summer. Heath wise Aaron has been doing extremely well after a rough scare in February. In February he had a very scary asthma attack and was ambulance transferred to the peds ward at St Marys for quite a few days. The amazing thing is, he learned from it all. He has been doing much better about communicating how he feels, and he thought the ambulance ride was pretty neat. He still talks about how cool it all was, while me (his mom) sits and thinks, "cool?"

    Haleigh-Ann started pre-school this year and is now 5 years old. We were looking back at her 4 year old pictures and she has just blossomed out of toddler-hood into this beautiful young lady. She just completed her very first ballet season. She did amazing. She has always been very artistic and tends to do extremely well in dancing and singing. She did really well in the Snowflake Baby Pageant just recently. I love how bubbly, social, and girly she is. She is always the life of the party wherever she goes.

    Aveahna is 3!!! I just can't believe that the last 3 years have gone so fast. She is still itty bitty and is extremely girly as well. She too just finished her first season of ballet. I loved watching her coordination in some areas and her clumsy-ness in others. Still learning how to get everything to work at the same time in sync. I just love this age, although it is rough too. They are blossoming out of tantrums and into communication and sometimes its not always pleasant. She is doing amazingly well Gluten Free and we have not had a flare up in I don't know how long. Avee tends to make friends with "big" princesses (as she says). So most of her closest friends are her mommies age. I just love that about her. Avee took first place in her age division at the Snowflake Baby Pageant here in Rangely, and although not many entered and all were cute, I was still very proud of her. That's the highlight of her life right now, her princess crown.

  Zavrick is now 2. My very last baby is becoming independent and so very big. He weighs more than his sister Avee. We always tease and say he is our future football star. He is all boy and always on the go. He has to try everything out and see how it works. He usually figures these things out by kicking, pushing, pulling, hitting, tackling or whatever other means necessary to see how it works. I love how sweet he is, when he wants to be. A "momma's boy" all the way. He has started coming out of his shell a little and becoming more social. He is finally starting to talk after being very stubborn about the whole ordeal. Hopefully his and I's communication only continues to get better because I am relieved I am starting to understand what he is wanting and needing. I love how he can make any situation fun or funny.

   Zach is doing very well at work and school. He is so close to having his bachelors degree. He passed both the physics and abdominal registries for ultrasound this year. I am very proud of him. The beginning of January he will be working in the new hospital facility that was built this year. It is brand new and beautiful.

   I have been doing really well this year. Every three weeks I go in for procedures to help with pain and pressure from my IH. Had a small bout of complications with some organs failing me, but with a couple surgeries I will be like new. I am loving being a mommy of 4 and just feel so blessed the Lord has given me all He has. I am continually looking for direction from the Lord with my health struggles and raising my children to be the people He would like them to be. All in all 2012 has been a pretty decent year. I am very thankful for each day the Lord gives me.

May God Bless You in the New Year~